What does the term "going out" imply?

What would you think of the term "Going out"?

I've been using that word around a girl I like, to ask her out. And when friends ask her what is our status, she said that "we're going out".

But what does that mean? We're not a couple yet, and we're not dating either. Somewhere in the gray area between courtship and dating?

What does the term mean to you?


Most Helpful Girl

  • What "going out" implies to me is that they're a "couple" though some people might take it as "we're not a couple yet, but we're seeing each other".

    • Yes it's so ambiguous, I don't like it either.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I myself don't like it when a guy asks me "to go out" because it just seems like hanging out , not dating DX what happen to "Lets go on a date"

    • To me it seems like the gray area when two people are still testing the waters.

    • Yeah it's pretty much "Hanging out"

  • Casual dating


What Guys Said 1

  • Going out means you're bf/gf.

    • Is there a name for the stage before that too, before the stage of bf/gf?

    • dating..

    • Oh haha, I thought it was the other way around. Because dating is so unambiguous in its meaning, I would assume it was reserved for people who are bf/gf already.