He's got a female roommate? Should I be worried or am I overthinking?

So about a month ago my friend gave me this guys number, and we really hit it off and have met up a couple times (the more recent of which could be considered a date), I think he likes me based on how/how often he talks to me, as well as because we're frequently up till all hours just texting, and when we went out last he kissed me. He seems like a great guy and I like him, and my friends seem to think he's a good guy also. However he's mentioned that his roommate is a female, aside from that he doesn't speak of her much... His Facebook also has him listed as single. Should I be worried that he may have a girlfriend and is just calling her his roommate or am I just thinking too much?

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  • He might be leading you on, look elsewhere
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It appears the general consensus at this point is that I'm overthinking, which I think I probably am, I didn't think anything of it till I mentioned it to a family member and they started saying he could be leading me on so I got worried...


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  • She could just be a friend with benefits...
    Jk. Im sure their just friends


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