I love a girl who is in a relationship, how should I pursue things?

I genuinely love this girl but she's in a relationship. It is likely that she doesn't like me in a romantically involved way but she does seem to like her bf a lot.

I don't want to get over her, I'm not fort with her and we talk as friends. I make fun of her teasingly which has totally slipped the romantic aura which may have generated..

Should I wait it out or start being sweet and caring to her?
How can I wait without getting friend zoned?

She is likely attracted to me but doesn't like me, because I'm good looking and confident! At least better than her bf.
I'm only interested in doing this because she is actually the kind of girl I would like to marry one day!

Replace 'I'm not fort with her' with 'I don't flirt with her'
Also she finds the teasing funny but it's not good when I want her to see me as a sweet and charming guy! I do it too often


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  • Just leave it be, if you really live her and care for her and she is happy where she is you would want that for her no matter what!!
    You dont want to mess with things because if you do it ll mess things up later, it is called Karma!!! And you dont want to mess things up permenantly with her and lose her as a friend and regret it later on, cherish her in you life now and the way it is and know messing with things isn't worth losing her forever
    And last but not least, if she is the one for you it will happen in time just be patient and let nature take course, if she isn't then that girl will come into your life when the time is right!!!

  • you should not

  • Back the fuck off?

  • If she's in a relationship, then she's not interested in being more than friends. You have 2 choices: either stop hanging around her or be her friend. If she breaks up with her boyfriend then maybe something can happen, but as long as she's in a relationship you can't be more than friends.


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  • You're a guy. Don't flirt or mess around with another guy's girl. Keep it strictly friend-relationship appropriate. Don't violate the bro code.

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