Asking someone to be your girlfriend/boyfriend. In person only or is alright to message that kind of thing?

So... lo and behold... I actually found someone... Impossibly, I found someone I like. I was at the mall with some friends and this beautiful girl was looking at me like she knew me and it turned out she did.

We'd been at school together, never really spoke though, but when I saw her at the mall, I was awestruck, she'd changed so much. We spoke for a while before my friends forced me to walk away, but not before making sure I had her number.

About 4 weeks and 2 dates later, and lengthy, interesting conversations with her every day since I found her in the mall, and I'm starting to wonder how I should ask her to be my girlfriend.

I'm pretty sure she gets that I like her, I've been fairly obvious about it and I think, to an extent, she likes me as well.(The fact that she's the only girl I've had a second date with bodes well. XD )

So I've been thinking maybe it's time to ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend. Which kind've brings us to the question: is that something you would send in a message or would you only do that in person?

Personally, I'd rather do it in person since I don't want it to be some innocuous message but rather part of an experience in a meaningful relationship, but on the other hand, I do want to let her know how I feel...

Anyways, would you ever do it over the phone, or is it something that you, like myself, believe should be done in a more significant way?

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  • Definitely, with no doubt in my mind, sweetie, Face to face is the best approach. More personal, more meaningful, and with such a touching moment, nice for 'touch to touch' when is all is said and done.
    Might I also add, come a bit prepared with a small special gift to 'seal things with a kiss.'
    Good luck, Congrats in advance! xx


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  • you can message, but, its better to do it in person, she may or may not give you the same answer either way

  • In person only