How would you feel if a girl had to suddenly cancel your date?

I really wanted to go on this trip with him and was looking forward to it for days but something came up and now I can't. I'm really worried that an apology and an offer to make it up to him isn't enough. :(

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  • It happens. I won't let it bother me if I feel she told me the truth as to why. If I get lame excuses, then I get upset and usually do not give another chance.

    • Does this work or? " I'm really sorry but I'm going to have to cancel on tomorrow. Things just got shitty really quick and to put it simply, I have no belongings anymore and am staying with family for a bit. I feel terrible, I was looking forward to this. "

  • I would just cut her off

    • Doesn't matter if its a big thing that's preventing her from doing it?

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    • Well make sure when u make it up for him, something doesn't come up again. because if u cancel it again then he'll probably think ur bs'ing him

    • Yeah , I know. Believe me , I don't plan on missing a second chance if I get one.

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