Talking online with this girl..

i like her but I still think she's too good for me for so many reasons to be with a guy like me but it seems as though I initiate the conversation EVERY time. and she never does. is it obvious she's not into me if she won't even take the initiative to talk to me? she's the shy type a little, but she's rich and hard working, smart, beautiful... and she's an inch or two taller than me.. I don't think she's into me, but maybe she's shy?


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  • Well bro if she doesn't open up maybe your not getting how far you supposed to get you have to touch her heart be inteligent when you talk to her never talk about her money because she's going to know wats up even know you really like her, now msn is not a great choice most of the girls prefer to hear your voice laught along with you and all that girly stuff you getting to me so starting right off if I was you ill invite her on a date she rich right? well you better take her to an exotic place a fine food restaurant you could always get some ideas from this site also be very gentle and noble don't act like a fool trust me your not getting how far you have to you need to work on that bro.

    • I never talk about money lol.. I'm not stupid.. just confused with the situation since she never wants to talk with me it seems.

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    • Thing is I won't be able to see her face to face till september when school starts and even then, our schedules are probably gonna be messed up again.. but I hope we can chill sometime and get to know the real her

    • LOL dam this makes me think back in my days at school . But you know you could always change your elective like I used to anyways keep trying man you have'nt lost her that's for sure still got time.

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  • I am not sure how she feels about you. How do you know her? Is it only from online or do you know her from something like school? Just because you start the conversations does not mean too much. Sometimes I like the guy to start the conversation just because I don't know what to say to him. If she is shy, then this could be the situation.

    Never think that someone is too good for you. Some of the richest people are the worst people and vica versa. She may really like you, and if you are always thinking that she is too good for you, then a relationship will never work out because there will always be resentment somewhere in the relationship.

    I always say take the chance and ask someone out. You never really have anything to lose except the opportunity. Even if you are friends with someone and you ask them out, if they are your true friend then they will not let it come between you if they do not like you in that way.

    • We were in the same class and we talked in class all the time.. but she always had abusy schedule form what I saw.. so never really saw her out of class since our schedules sucked...

    • There is a chance that she just does not like to chat online. If once you are in the conversation, she continues it, I think you should be fine.

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  • Well let me tell you something my man girls most of the time try us with things like that . If she's into you I don't know you should try stealing a date from her ,making her have a good time , make her laught when she feels she had a good time with you she would get into you . Also you said she's shy this might be also a great issue like I said just get to know her better into she gets open with you . if you give me a little more of description I might be able to tell you if go for her or not !

    • Shes been "trying" for over a 2 years now. and we don't talk a lot anymore since that first year... we had a falling out and now I'm just trying to get to know her more, but only through msn because we can't exactly meet or anything since we feel like strangers sort of... we just don't hang out with the same crowds but I wanna get to know her more personally.. but she never really opens up.

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