Dating someone almost divorced?

So the question is: What are the red flags of being a rebound when someone is going through a divorce? I recently met a man 9 years my junior (my ex husband was 6 years younger) he is a GM where he works, very mature for his age. BUT, he has about 2 weeks before the divorce is final. I have met his kids and his dad. I believe I am the first women he has dated since they separated and that worries me a tad. I do not want to be a rebound !! So what are the signs/red flags I should be looking for?

*his divorce is final in 2 weeks.
*he says that he has went out with a few other people
*They separated on Mother's day THIS year
*She cheated on him at least 2x and left the marriage


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  • People say wait till the divorces final for just in case for god sake anything happens.
    Check out him and his soon to be ex wife's relationship. Do they communicate a lot? You feel he still attached to her? She bothers him? Because most case, the relationship between my guy and his exwife affects a lot. One of top reasons why people don't want to be with divorcees.

    As long as he makes you feel comfortable, handle things right, everything's under control, then you shouldn't be worried..
    I know my friend still in process of divorce with her soon to be ex, and found her new beau, even engaged to him. And her soon to be ex's now girl friend is pregnant his baby.
    And they happily dating their lovers no problem.
    It just everyone has different story. Trust your gut. If you feel any things red flag then maybe that is a red flag.
    Since he introduced you to his family, that's a good sign. If he were just seeing you nothing serious, I don't think he would have introduced you to even his dad.


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  • Don't worry about rebounds. That's a bull shit excuse if you ask me. Either a person likes you and there's chemistry, or there isn't. Or they are just using you and being a "rebound" is the nice way to say it.


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  • Wait until the divorce is final. The last thing you need is the word cheater getting spread around.

    • Also figure out WHY there is a divorce. A lot of marriages end to cheating. So find out if he's a cheater.

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    • And no one can call me a cheater-we haven't even had a first kiss yet. So really neither of us can be called a cheater.

    • Thats good. In my personal opinion its better to wait. My mother divorced my father. Never cheated on him. GOt a BF before divorce was final, he thinks she cheated. Its just a way to cause no drama and start your life fresh. No baggage kinda thing for him.

  • I would wait until the divorce is final, take it slow and maybe give him a bit of space because no doubt he is heart broken... I think.

    I wouldn't date a person that is divorced or has kids to be honest. I have and I was burnt so many times. Run

    • I am 43. divorced with kids. So dating someone in my age range or near it, you will have a divorce and children of different ages involved.