I forget how relationships start out lol been two years since I've been single?

So I'm talking to this girl. She's cool and we mesh. She wanted to be friends and we road tat boat for about 5 month and than we kissed and had sex. We both loved it and I want to start something with her. I know she likes me, but she doesn't want to complicate our relationship.

Her ex been blowing up her Facebook with pics (which said how much he loves her and blah). I told her about it and she said she talked to him and as far as them getting back together will never happen.

I'm not jealous too much, but I want it to be where when we get together it'll be awesome.

She's busy and sometimes I don't know if she ignoring me or getting impatient for me to make a move. She told me she'll tell me when she's free. I don't know cuz I want to say this in person.

Any advice?


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  • Take her out on a date and see where she's at. I was in a similar position. A few months of that stuff. We went out and then talked about what we wanted. Without being specific like that, you'll never know. She might not want a relationship.

    • Yea she has leaned on not wanting one, but I don't really know why. Then we end up being friends, but we did what we did and now I feel like I want to know where I stand. I don't want to be one of the guys she's interested in...I wanna b the only one.

      If she feels she can't or needs time. I don't think I could wait around and watch some guy take my place. Idk...

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    • How did that work out for you?

    • Not so well. I stopped doing things with him and he continued to flirt with me. He got a girlfriend recently and continues to flirt with me so in the end he would have been a terrible boyfriend.

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  • So you want to ask her to be your gf in person?

    • Well yea, I think that would be better than over text or phone.

    • I just wanted to make sure I got the question right. Yes DEFINELTY I would never ask someone that kind of question anyway but in person! Ask her to go to a dinner and movie or sonething

    • Something* cute and then when you think timing is good ask maybe get her flowers or something

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  • 5 months is ice age slow, bro. Busy is also bad. I would get a non-busy chick who is horny and down for the gushy gushy wet wet.

    • Lol nah, she been talking about sex and getting together with me. She has work and I have school so finding time to hang would be weekends or Friday...which is the safest bet.