Drunk talk. Is any of it true?

I have been hooking up with this guy for a while now and lately every time he gets drunk and we're together he tells me that he loves me, that he thinks about me a lot and is very gentle and sweet. He will get jealous and will tell me how he doesn't like me being with other guys. I don't know what to belive, they always say that when you're drunk you tell the truth but I don't know if that's true. And then most of the time I assume he doesn't remember what he told me so I don't bring it up and if he does remember he doesn't tell me either. I don't know what to do, I like him a lot.


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  • To figure out, the best way you should just ask him..
    If he doesn't talk about it when he's not drunk means either he doesn't think that way about you so he obviously doesn't remember, or he does feel about you that way but just hesitate to make move.
    So just ask him and see what he says.

    You guys already been hooking up so there's nothing for him to be shy about.
    And I guess you two are pretty close?
    If he likes you and respects you, why doesn't he ask you to be his girlfriend already?
    I know it's hard to move on when you really like a guy, but if his answers negative, it's not worth wasting your time on him. You deserve someone who will respect you.


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  • I think 10-20% of what you say and do is true when drunk. I've done and said tons of stuff I really don't believe is true

  • Sometimes when I'm drunk, I speak my mind. Getting drunk lowers inhibitions, making him more relaxed, which helps him speak what's exactly on his mind.

  • This might be a conversation to have with him when he's sober.


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  • I've always heard "drunk words are sober thoughts." Why don't you just ask him if he remembers saying that stuff?

    • I don't want to ask him and then have him not remember at all or even actually it be true and have it be awkward.

    • Then maybe you should just sit down with him and talk about how you feel.

  • Well dead men tell no tales and drunk men tell no lies.