Should I be Jealous or worried about his friend?

My boyfriend and I broke up two months ago because he was having a hard time getting over a relationship of 5 years where the girl would constantly cheat and hit him. Even with that we still love each other and are friends. When we were dating this girl he used to talk to popped up in his life again. She madly obsessed with him and would stalk his Facebook for all the girls who would talk to him. She gave him a job of training her little bro and he had to lie and say I was his ex or else she would've been on a rampage. I was cool because it was the only job he could find. They soon became close friends. However she would be jealous of me and wouldn't like it if he spent time or talked with me. Soon, she told him that she cooled down and said " By the way you talk about her, she sounds lovely. If she wants me to back off, I will". I was fine with it at the time but now I feel like she hasn't let that crush go and is trying to replace me. I live far away from him and she lives closer. She always put stuff on Facebook like selfies on his wall and posts on fun stuff they do together. I feel like I'm.barely getting time from him. He says he's always busy and that she's one of the only close friends he got ( its true). He says that he always speaks highly of me and (when people said that he was playing me) once broke down crying saying that he wasn't and that he did care for me. And he isn't a guy that would cry for anything. We both agreed that even though it would be better if we don't see each other and start seeing other ppl, it would hurt us deeply. We just can't do it. But I still feel competition from this girl who used to buy him expensive gifts before like $80 videogames! He says he won't be dating for a while and I won't be either. I tried cooling my emotions since I know they're friends but I can't shake the feeling that she still wants him more than a friend and me out of his life. Could she be deliberately making me jealous on Facebook?


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  • My opinion is that people shouldn't be friends with exes and this is exactly why. He shouldn't have been hanging out with her when you two are together, and you two shouldn't be friends now. Unless you have a kid. Period.