My girlfriend is amazing but I keep feeling unsatisfied or guilty is it my ex? What can I do?

My new girlfriend that I really like is amazing. We've been together for three months now but I just don't feel worth her time. She cooks, cleans, very sexual and fun, empathises with me, let's me relax after a long day by massaging me and doing whatever I want, she accepts my compliments, she's hilarious, she's loved by my friends and I can go on forever. She has cute smile and a banging body as well. All my friends say I got it good and I shouldn't let her go. However I've been feeling guilty or unsatisfied... I don't want to tell her because it might upset her. My ex would never do this she would boss me around or guilt me into doing things for her and I never got anything in return. No sexual desire and she slowly became a pig. I was slowly becoming her care taker so I had to end it. She was overly jealous as well which was why I was surprised my new girlfriend trusts me enough and when I didn't want to go out and leave her she invited my friends over. I know I should be happy but I just feel so damn guilty.


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  • Are you feeling gulity because you don't feel satisfied with your new girlfriend or you feeling guilty for another reason? In what parts of the realtionship are you unsatisfied with? I mean you did get out of a tough realationship with your ex and it sounds like she treated you horribly. Maybe you started feeling in your realtionship with your ex over time that you deserved to be treated bad and now your with this new girl, your feeling like thrown off by it becuase she is really good to you. I think maybe your just still feeling emotions from your last relationship and you just haven't dealt with them yet. If you really like this girl then just forgive your ex and know you deserve better. Don't let your ex get in the way of your happiness. Also, I don't know how long after your ex that u got with this new girl but maybe you jumped into another realtionship too fast, when you were still healing from the last one.

    • I'm happy with everything it is just that I feel like I'm not worth it. I'm not worth her time because I should be treated bad. Im trying to realize Im worth it but I feel pathetic. It has been 6 months since my ex and I broke up.

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    • I think my insecurity really comes from every girl I like (ever since 8th grade) plays me or uses me. My ex was my second girlfriend and my ex before her would torment me as well. I guess that's why it's pretty hard to accept that she really wants to be with me and being treated this way is so unusual.

    • bummer, I think some people notice when a person is insecure and down they use it against them, that may have been what happened to you. Those girls you've dated that you talk about sound mean, thats a shame that they had to do that to you. You sound like a nice guy. Thats why well im glad there's this new girl in your life. Least now you recognize why you feel the way u feel and it is because of bad past realtionships. Now that u have recognized it, you can try and let it go and move on from it. It will take time but its a start. :)

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  • I'm just going to be blunt. Sounds like you're not over your ex OR you and this new girl just don't mesh. Someone can have a lot of good qualities and they can still just be not right for you. For the new girls sake, I think you should break things off. You're wasting her time, which is mean.

  • Why do you feel guilty, you got out of a relationship that wasn't right for you. You can't dwell on the past. You've mentally moved on. Now you have to emotionally move on and separate yourself from your ex.

    You do have it good. And if you feel this way about this girl, you have to stop feeling so guilty. I know its hard believe me. BUT, believe me more when I say its better to move on. :)
    Hope I've helped, at least a little

    • I feel more like I'm not worth her kindness. More pathetic and useless.I'm happy with her and she makes me feel wonderful don't get me wrong it's more the lines of at the end of the day I don't feel like I'm worth it if I was treated like crap...

    • Stop feeling like that… If you didn't deserve to be treated with kindness, hopefully she would realizes you aren't worth her time. But since she's still around, your worth it.

      Just move and think that you are worth the kindness and love she gives you.

  • Stay with the EX. You deserve that type of treatment? Let the new chick go, she is not "the one" for you.


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