Should I bother messaging him?

I've had 2 dates with this guy and although I didn't feel a spark, I would like to see him again as I thought he is a really nice guy. The other day he asked if I'd like to catch up again, I said yes and he said we'll decide what we're going to do closer to the day. It's now the day we are meant to be seeing each other and I haven't heard from him in two days, he usually messages me first, every day or sometimes misses out on one day of messaging me. I saw him online on the dating site we met on last night and that's fine I mean we aren't officially dating, I was already on the site because I was bored checking my messages.

But now I haven't heard anything, am I just meant to assume that we aren't catching up or what? I feel like messaging him and saying, "I'm assuming nothing's happening..". Because I feel angry, I give up on men and every guy that seems like a nice guy turns out not to be. We hadn't kissed or anything either by the way. I don't understand why you would ask someone to catch up and then not follow up about it!!!


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  • Well, you'll never know anything by wondering and moping. The only way to get a answer at all, is by taking action. Don't go and ask aggressively or anything though. Tension is enough as it is, no need to increase it further and have a simple solution spark into a rapid fire argument. Trust me, it's that easy to do so. Just send him a message asking if he has figured any plans, or if something came up due to not messaging you through earlier days. I'm sure something can be worked out, or re-arranged if that is the case.

    • I will feel like an idiot though chasing him up. And I don't want to sound all normal like has he figured any plans out? Because he might just not want to catch up anymore and this is his way of showing it

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    • Some people do get caught up in the busy part of our lives. It is surprisingly easy to forget something as this. I can't make you ask, or force a conversation with said person, that is all up to you. It is easier not to worry about it, and if you feel the need to get answers. You have all the right authority to ask a simple question and see what happens. The worse he can say is 'No, I don't want to catch up.' Time heals all wounds friend. Good luck on your decision, and no matter what happens, you still have others that will gladly here about your day and be a good friend for ya. :D

    • Couldn't help myself and ended up getting angry I sent him a message saying, I'm assuming nothing is happening and he replied with were you still keen on doing something tonight? So he pretty much asked after I messaged He then sent another message saying I did want to do something, I wouldn't have asked you if I didn't and he said I'm sorry if you're angry at me but I seriously was looking forward to catching up. And I said you asked me to catch up and hadn't heard anything from you so I assumed you didn't want to do anything and he said well that isn't the case, if you change your mind and want to do something then let me know. He can't have just expected me to assume something was happening after not talking for 2 days. I feel upset because I am so bitter over men it's not funny. If he did actually want to see me he would of continued to talk to me and further followed up about seeing me.

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