Are innocent girls attractive to you? Why?

Like a girl who's never dated, kissed, had any experience with guys and is kinda shy.

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  • A girl can fit that description and still have the naughtiest thoughts ever. Innocence is more of a soul thing than physical achievements.


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  • Who doesn't wanna corrupt a good girl?

    • Hahaha I think the same thing about guys. Unfortunately guys are all corrupted already.

  • I'm 24 now so I'm a lot less shy than when I was a teenager but I just recently had a crush on an extremely shy girl and when I come to think about it, most of my life crushes have been on girls that I PERCEIVED as shy (whether they actually were is up for debate lol). But a girl that has no experience, shy is pretty unique to me, in a good way. I find them really interesting and pretty, unfortunately shy girls tend to think that I'm some type of player due to my outgoing nature, and I'm not! I go out with friends a lot but since I've been shy throughout my youth, deep down inside that's actually who I am so I feel like I can relate to shy girls easily.

  • Potentially. If she's hot and horny.

  • Let's face most girl just act like it and once you're with them it all changes.
    The horny dirty girl comes out

  • Yes. I just want to corrupt that innocence.

    • Well ain't that nice? XP

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    • I know but the idea brought up a thought of a demon corrupting a perfect little angel girl. XD

    • No that's actually pretty accurate. You can stick with that image, I'm ok with it.

  • Yeah very much, but I'm shy so I can't really have a shy girl :/


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