Do guys loose interest if a girl they like gets 'easy'?

I met this guy and from the first day we had a heavy make out session and on our first date I blew him.
This is the first time I've been really fast with a guy. Usually it take me a month or two before I do anything besides making out. So, I'm just wondering if it's possible for him to get tired of me because I've been so easy. I'm scared he'll loose interest because of how fast I've been moving with him.

I know (well, at least think) he likes me. Because for years we've only known each other because he added me on Facebook, and my friend told me he thought I was hot. But I wasn't interested until I met him.

Will he get tired of me if I keep this up?


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  • Well if he is just looking for sex, he might loose interest, but if he seriously likes you he won't :)


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