Need of some advice.. What should I do?

So this guy and I has been on and off for 3 year. We've been talking and texting for about 3 months. He just wanna to have all the benefits of a boyfriend but not title which is cool with me but than it's not because that means he can do whatever he wants with whoever. Me personally I can't just have sex with someone im not with.

I don't know what I should do. I kinda wanna iust forget about it and find someone else but im all he has. Im happ when im with him but I work two jobs and l don't wanna stress over no guy. But than again I love him but I can't be a number...

Any advice..


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  • You can not say no to your heart but you know the reality already. There is nothing good for you in this relationship.
    He was honest with you, telling that he does not want a relationship with you.

    It is difficult to continue a such a relationship, expecting there will be any chance to make it more solid. Don't waste your time. He will not change his idea, i am sorry :( Guys don't do usually if they decide once. You will be get hurt more if you continue.

    As you stated above you deserve to be number one, not a number two three whatever. Don't be somebody's shallow.

    • I don't know how I keep letting him back it even though I know its going to be the. I guess I think that well maybe he grew up or changed but he don't. Its like just when I get over him , he comes back and I give in.

    • Because he knows that you will take him back :( Be decisive and don't give in even it is difficult. You will suffer yes, but it will be less damaging than if you continue to give him chance.

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  • You need exclusivity. He won't give it.

    Time to find someone else.

    • Easier said than done.

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  • You're never going to get over this dude if you don't just cut him out for good. He's using you. I would dump him and cut off all contact.

    • I've tried but he keeps popping back up.

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    • Last time I deleted his number, unfriend him on fb and deleted him off kik.. But he always comes back always.

    • Tell him to fuck off. If that doesn't work, ignore him.

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