Online dating- why would a girl do the following?

I exchanged some emails with a girl online months ago but we were in different cities and never got a chance to meet up. I sent her a text recently because I was in her town and we texted back and forth several times. I then sent her a picture to remind her of who I was. We text a few more times and then she sent me a pic after I asked for one. If she didn't like my pic, or if it reminded her of why we stopped texting, why would she send me a pic? She sent me a pic and then after I suggested meeting up, I never heard from her again.


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  • She is to embarrassed/ashamed of seeing you in person or starting something with you. It's just internet fun, she's looking for a guy to tell her that she's hot, and to flirt. Not to start a relationship with. Plus the internet is full of creepy people and she doesn't know who you are

  • Why did y'all sill talking?

    • I was on her town for a few days and I remembered we had text back and forth but missed meeting in person 6 months earlier. She did respond to my new texts and we did text back and forth again. If after I sent her a photo she kept texting me, and then she even sent me a photo of her, why would she disappear after I suggested meeting for a drink?

    • Maybe she's a mean girl. Or maybe she got busy? Or maybe she's in a relationship. I meant to ask why did y'all stop talking?

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