How to ask a guy for date? Had twice sex. And we are classmates?

How to ask the guy for a date if I have feeling for him. We had sex twice in last three months and he likes it


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  • Ok, well first let's back the train up. Now I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm just saying your chances now are not in your favor. If you really wanted to date this guy, you should not have slept with him. He's probably not going to take you as seriously now, as he would have if you had gotten to know him better and worked on the date part FIRST, before, you know, just getting naked with him.

    I guess if I were you, since you're in the spot you're in now and the best plan, isn't an option for you anymore, is to first off, don't sleep with him again. Ask him if he's interested in a date, and if he says no, move on. Once again, DON'T sleep with him again. Even if he says no now, he might consider it again later if you quit with the physical stuff.

    If he asks why it's a NO now, tell him that although you enjoyed your time with him, you aren't really looking for something casual. That may peak his interest enough to consider that you might be worthwhile to date, possibly GF material.

    Or, he won't care at all, and he'll move on to the next easy piece til he gets to the point where he does want a relationship and meets the girl he wants that with.

    • Hi thanks for all these you told me. Really appreciate it :) the thing is I didn't have feeling for him all this year we had classes together. Just one day after party we all drunk and he touched me in the club somehow.. And I didn't renren so good, he asked me whether want to go to his home he has a room no people.. I just came to Europe and I never had one night sex so I just thought ok because I am tired. So I went back and I fell down and all the knee with blood and he was so gentle and cleaned my wound. Then I slept on his bed he asked me whether this can be our secret and he just told me he want me then we kiss hug had sex twice the night. But he wanted more even in the morning he wanted more but I rejected him and told him I have bf and I feel guilty and then I left.. But truth is with my bf we have being quarreling all the year and I really don't love him now. After the first time sex one month, I start have feeling for him and the second time as I have no place to sleep so

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    • He didn't reply.. So now I really don't know about his feeling.. And don't know how to do..
      Sorry for writing so much~ just is too complicated and I really have no clue

    • I still am convinced that what I already told you is pretty accurate for your situation. I might also add that he will be even less interested in dating, because he knows you had a BF when you slept with him. Regardless of whether you are happy with your guy or not, he knows you have the capability to be an unfaithful partner, which is not something he wants in a girl. Ya might just want to chalk this one up as a lesson and move on hun. Good luck to you.

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  • o.O I'm confused. Weren't you dating before having sex? If not, then I don't see why he'd want to buy the game if he already beat it.

  • Bwauahahahahahahahaha
    Oh my god these white people. Lol
    People have date then sex.
    But these will have sex and then date.
    Where the equation has completely wrong, you can't expect any thing from him.

  • Dang that's tough. I hate to say it but he may only be in it for the sex.

    If I truly liked a girl I'd talk to her, get to know her, then ask her on a date, slowly move on, the sex would come last. All this of course if I wanted a relationship with her.

    I've hooked up with a lot of girls at my college but I don't really want to date any of them, just a one or two time fling, unfortunately most men (not at all), we act like animals, its college though!

    • So is pretty normal in college that have sex with classmates? But the second time he told me he was so afraid it happen again he told me was so guilt as he knew I have a bf ( but we just almost broke up, actually just broke up). He was kind and drive me back home also and told me to mind myself and told me if not happy w bf just get rid of it. Last time he told me we will be friends always and asked me about how about my sickness.. Seems like he cares about me but he never text me first.. Also last time I texted him in Facebook ask about his match he didn't reply, so now I don't know what can I do.

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