Am I good Catch or a Wreck? What the hek is going on?

Im 24, a light bodybuilder, 118 lbs and 17% body fat, make 50k a year, cook, clean, am nice, hunt, fish, snowboard, shoot, wake board, take care of myself, love animals, own my home free and clear, have 2 nice cars, am adventurous, love micro brew, am a happy person, family oriented, love to travel and am able to, have no kids, above average looking, a straight A college student and already have my first degree, care about the environment, and have a wonderful future ahead of me.

But my fiance left me for a job? What is wrong with me?

He is 29 a veteran; average looking, and is low level cop.

See my other question; I need some help understanding this...

My fiance left me said he wants to talk but hasn't said anything, I dont understand


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  • Seems like a good catch but that doesn't necessarily mean anything when there isn't no chemistry.

    • There was chemistry. We both loved each more than we had ever cared for someone else in our lives. We got along great when we were together - but we were in LDR relationship for some time which created waves...

    • Sometimes the fire burns out... U can try sparking it back up, but sometimes when it isn't working, it just isn't working. You do not want to force anyone with you when that love is give. The fact he's wants to talk to you is a clear sign he truly respect you, than to go out his way and cheat and who knows what else

    • He had just proposed in central america literally 2 weeks before... I dont think the spark was gone.

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  • Sound like a catch to me.

  • Great catch! You are what lots of guys look for.

  • "above average" Meaning what.


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