Was close to getting back with ex then she found out about this other girl I like?

so I randomly ran into my ex at a pub on Friday night , she was with a gf were both friends with so we hung out and talked for over an hour at table and sat rate beside each other and seemed to be getting along well. I think she was thinking about being at least friends with me again if not more but later on in the night a girl we both know ( I didn't know she knew her that well ) came to table and joined us , I tried to talk to her as I find her interesting but I had wanted to date this other girl when we were broken up a few months ago but now I think she is seeing someone.

so anyways ex got really jealous that I was interested in talking to this other girl is she is cute blonde and attractive and she like left table soon afterwords and then left bar altogether. I ran into her later at pizza place and talked to her but by then she had ran into a guy she knows and talking to him and made date to go golfing with him this week. there seems to be something going on with them not sure if its serious or not. but yeah I think I blew my chance as she is really jealous type.

so yeah should I just come clean to ex about the fact I liked the other girl and wanted to date her but that deep down I want ex back and have much more serious feelings for her not this other girl. as honestly I loved my ex gf and never wanted to lose her , I did meet other girls I would of enjoyed having sex with but didn't really want to get into a relationship with them


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  • Come clean? Your ex doesn't need to know anything about what you do in your private life, she's an EX! Man Law #2 Never be friends with an EX! Keep her in the 'ex-zone'. Only exception to this rule is if she wants to jump your bones. Or you haven't talked to your ex in ten years and she is still single and sans kids.

    You need to hang out with these other girls!

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