Is she crazy or did I do something wrong? Online dating profile help!?

Ok so I started talking to this girl i met on an online dating site. We hit it off great the first day we started talking and even agreed to delete our accounts off the site, for eachother

Fast forward a couple weeks, everythings still great. We were talking one day and i mentioned this mid convo about our dating accounts

"yeah i disabled mine"

and she flipped at me and called me a liar. looking back at the texts from day 1 of talking to her, i DID say i delete my account, not disable it

Then she goes off ranting saying I was probably looking for a second option and blabla

But in my view, i just simply disabled it (and would keep it disabled, duh) if things didn't work out between me and this girl. no harm done right? i tried to explain that to her but she didn't listen

What do you all think? And girls if this happened to you, what would you think?

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  • Being nothing in life is a guarantee but death and taxes, I believe she should have been more understanding. Just goes to show you What you may have to deal with should you stay with this kind of girl. She over reacted as though you both were this Item for a year.
    I was with a guy once for a whole year before he finally told me to delete my profile. He completely wiped his off with one 'CLICK," but I was smart, and did lie to him about doing mine, for I knew with past problems we had had, that I could never be sure. As it turned out, I am glad I listened to my instincts. You need to do the same about this 'swirl girl.'.
    Good luck.xx


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What Girls Said 3

  • Its bizarre to me that she'd even ask you. So what if you're looking for a second option anyways? Until you and a girl are in a committed relationship, meet, screw, and talk to as many girls as you want. That's your right.

    She may not be crazy, well, actually, I think she's nuts. I mean imagine if you continue a relationship with her? This behavior will only escalate. She might think being possessive is cute, but it just highlights her insecurities.

    • She didn't ask me, i mentioned mid conversation "yeah i disabled my profile"

  • I think she reacted unnecessarily.

  • You did nothing wrong, the lady in question has trust issues. I believe.


What Guys Said 1

  • maybe she likes the drama? maybe she wants to see some kind of reaction from you, maybe she's just nuts

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