Anyone else know they could get dates easy but can't get themself out there?

I'm really frustrated by this. I don't want to use a dating site. I don't meet anyone the times I go out. As I'm getting older I've got less energy to go out and do things with friends.

Been single 2 years and was married before that, and we dated since high school.

I don't know what I'm doing. I want to meet people and go on dates. I'm clueless and wasting the end of my 20's.

Can anyone here relate?


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  • That's a shitty situation. You need to look hot and go do stuff you like. Gym. Coffee shops. Classes.

  • That's me, except for the married/divorced part. I don't like online dating and I don't meet people when I go out. I think if I would approach women when I'm out, I would probably get dates easily, but I have approach anxiety like a lot of guys.


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