Is she feeling me? She is difficult to understand, so far anyway..?

Ok, this girl and I went on a date Saturday and we went to the movies to see the new X-Men. It was a great movie. We ate while waiting for the movie to start. Things were going great. We both were laughing and joking. After the movie we rode around a bit and then we parted ways. She told me that she really enjoyed it, but after that she has been texting but not as much and they are usually a long time in between. She always texts back and then apologize and say she was doing this or that though.

The other day for instance, I asked her if she could see us taking this thing further and she took forever to text back. Later that night she texted me back apologizing saying it had been a busy day and so forth and was like I finally get to jump in bed. At the end of the text, she was like, to answer your question, there is something there (speaking about between us).

Since she was obviously tired I just told her I would talk to her tomorrow. So last night I texted her earlier and she didn't reply back and once again she apologized saying she had to campaign for someone.

She seems like a very honest girl. I asked her earlier in the week when could we hang out again and she was like whenever.. it doesn't matter. I also asked if she would give me a chance and she was like sure, why not? And then we begin to talk about loyalty in relationships and so on.

So last night I was like I want to plan something for us this weekend if it's cool with you. She replied the next day with, "Is that so?" I'm like yeah, I like you and I want to see how far we can go and she responds by saying, "Okay, I'll see what I have planned."

Like is she diggin me? Because she has me like wtf... She told me she really enjoyed the date. I don't know if the week has just been busy or what. I know she is planning on joining the military so she has been training everyday for it, but Idk.. Maybe I will see if/when we hangout again.

Also, she is kinda tomboyish, if that matters any..


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  • I think she def has some interest. If I don't like a guy I may take forever to answer but I make no apologies. And I also wouldn't agree on taking it further if he asked. I would be honest. No point in dragging it out if you aren't interested.

    So I think she is telling you the truth, but she sounds like a busy girl. And if that's an issue for you than maybe it won;t work out. I think you should make more plans and see how it goes.

    • Thanks. I also thought about that too. I'm the type of guy who needs that time, but I'm open to seeing if I could make it work. I was thinking it was maybe because it's getting closer to the time where she is getting ready for the entire military thing.

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  • Honestly, I'd say she's stringing you along. I don't care how busy you are (I've done campaigns before, while working, AND going to uni). If you really like a guy you will not take a day to text him back. Also, she keeps giving you open ended responses. "Whenever" and "sure". Conversations with responses like that usually get swept under the rug...especially if you don't press for an answer. This girl is nice, YES, but a little too nice to tell you the truth. I've been that girl. Too nice to say no and the above responses were the same. "Too busy, I forgot, sure, maybe later, whenever you want" on and so forth. If she hasn't given you any definitive answers yet, especially after all the effort you've put into this girl (which is definitely apparent), then I say move on.

    • I was thinking the same thing, but we actually talked today and she was actually talking about us hanging out this weekend but I'm still not totally sure if she's into me.

    • Well, with time you will find out. There are only so many plans that can keep getting the boot (on her terms) before you come to your own decision. I hope for the best. Just remember, you seem like a guy that will make a girl feel really special. If she isn't picking up on that then it shouldn't be your loss. The more time you spend on a person who doesn't appreciate you, the more time you lose from being with a person who is waiting to have you in their life. :)

  • It sounds like she is just a busy girl, maybe has a lot on her mind! Sounds like she enjoyed your date, and even enjoyed your company but she is still figuring out how she can balance everything! Give it some more time :-)

    • Thanks. That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Like, I like this girl but I don't want to get myself too excited. I just texted her asking if she was busy and she was like, "No, I just took a little nap." So maybe I should respect what she has on a little more. I don't want to come off as pushy or needy and end up pushing her away, but she is different. Usually girls be all on me. Texting and calling and so forth. I've only known her for a week, but still.

    • respect what she has going on*

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