Is dating lose lose for guys? no matter what you're always wrong?

seems like whatever you do its wrong

dont be too sexual, dont be too unsexual
dont be to nice, dont be too mean
dont be early, dont be late
dont reply back fast, dont reply back late
dont show too much interest, dont show too little interest

the list goes on and on


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  • It's a fine line to walk, yeah. The trick is not to think about it. Just be natural. If you treat it like a systematic equation about timing and whatnot you're not going to end up with the right person.

    Life and dating is much easier when you just choose to ignore the "standards" society deems acceptable and just do your own thing. Sooner or later your style will line up with someone else's style and then you'll be set. It's saves a lot of time because you won't have wasted any time pretending you're one way when you're really not.

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    • Its not misinformed its fact

    • Coming from you? Doubtful. You didn't make yourself very credible with your little pity rant.

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  • It's all about finding a nice middle ground, and following your gut. So no, it's not always lose lose for guys (actually girls included, considering that girls are also told to don't be too clingy, but don't be too passive etc...)

  • You could almost say the same about a woman dating a man but that's what the dating process is for. You need to see whether the person you are getting to know is compatible with you before you invest in a committed relationship. Still, there will be those grey areas where you have no idea what the hell to do or say in fear that it might be the wrong move but you need to go with it or you will always be treading on egg shells.

    If you are too (x) or not enough (y) it shouldn't necessarily be a wrong thing just something that needs work. That goes for both individuals involved. Now, If it's something neither of you are willing to compromise to change or accept then you know the match is incompatible.

  • i like devoted, kind, and close to on time


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  • The way the range of human temperament currently works is not much different than a political system in a multi-party country (US is defacto two party, so no not here).

    Basically whatever position you take, you'll have a faction who agrees with you (both male and female), and you'll have a faction who accepts you or will ally with you even if they wouldn't do it that way themselves. Then there will be a faction that will avoid you, and one that will oppose you.

    Sorry about the political analogy but I'm on a roll here lol. I'm sure you've made the connection already, but to make it clear basically there are women who will like your approach, and there will be women who will hate it, and there will be women who will not mind it either way.

    Following through with the political analogy thing, basically you pick your style and what represents you best and go with it. That is all you need to do. Don't let critics get you down, because remember they are the opposing party and a bunch of shittalkers anyway* :P Go with who likes it, and let that be that.

    * = If you find anything to be a reasonable criticism for a specific situation, you shouldn't have deaf ears if its obviously well deserved, but if you find it unreasonable to you then move on.

  • lmao just be yourself, act natural, trust your genes, trust your taste and find the right girl.