How can I tell if this English guy likes me?

So a couple of weeks ago I went on a date with this guy from England who is 6 years older than me who was here on a business trip. We hit it off and all but I accidentally gave him my old number so we never heard from one another again once he went back to the UK. That is until I bumped into his coworker who was still in the states a week later who kept asking me why I never texted him back. I wound up giving him my email to give to him and we've been talking every day through (very long) emails until yesterday when we started skyping for the first time. The problem is, I can't tell what he thinks of me at all! He smiles a lot that I can tell and we talk for nearly two hours on Skype and I think we're beginning to schedule to talk on Skype every day now. But we often times sit there like "well what now?" Because we don't know what to talk about. Its awkward for me and all I want to do is be completely honest with him and ask him straight up what he thinks of me. He doesn't give me anything verbally. No flirting, no compliments, I have no idea what he's thinking! He seems to be disappointed when we have to stop talking for the night, and he's sent me emails from work when he knows he won't be home that night to respond to me. He's very sweet and a perfect gentleman. But how can I get him to open up and TELL me what he's thinking before I go crazy?

Also neither one of us know when he'll be back in the U.S so we can't go on any dates or outings. All we can do is Skype.: (


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  • This guy is English. I'm sorry, but what you are asking for isn't possible. The culture is prickly but also very apologetic. The best way to know what he thinks of you is to get in cahoots with one of his mates and when they go down for a drink at the pub you can find out from him.

    I used to game with a lot of Englishman on a predeominantly European game called Eve and those guys just don't seem the type to lay down their cards, if you get what I mean.

    • I can't really talk to any of his friends if I've never met them, nor have the opportunity to do so anytime soon.

    • If it comes to confessing love, he will definitely try to outlast you. If you want to get it said, you are best off saying it first.

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  • Just because he's English doesn't mean that he's a completely different breed of man. Use your same ways.

    • I'm not saying that. I just know that the styles of dating in our cultures are very different in a lot of ways. Not entirely alien, but different

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