Why does a guy hide the girl he is dating from other girls?

Having a debate with some friends and wondering why a guy would hide a girl he is dating from other girls who are friends. Specifically if a guy is your friend and open about all topics and intrusive and curious about your personal life but acts coy about the girl he is dating. What is up with that? All comments welcome!


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  • I know my guy told me he likes to keep his life private and doesn''t want to answer any questions, especially from his ex-wife. I don't understand it either. It frustrates me. I feel like he should be proud to tell her that he is dating me, but he tells me that they do not discuss their private lives. I believe guys like to "pretend" they are single and independent when they are around other girls they know. It is a cat and mouse game they like to play. I wish they would be more open and just tell the other girls about their own girl. I know that won't happen for me. What they don't understand is they could end up losing the best thing they ever had by keeping you a secret. I wish guys would understand this. :(