I can never win but what can I say...would it make a difference?

I have been dating this guy on and off for about 8 months now and i really do care about him but he is so indecisive. When we are together i feel so amazing and he is always making plans for our future but when we are not together we are so far apart and distant in our emotions.

I asked him when we are going to a place we have been talking about going to and he says you tell me I said how about over the weekend and when i say weekend he always says i can't i have plans.

What can i say to show him i dont want to be second anymore and if he doesn't want to make an effort then there's no reason i stick around.
What would be a good response back?


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  • "How come you never keep your weekend free from plans? How come you never keep your weekends free for me?"

    • I was thinking more like. If I waited on your i'd be waiting a long time so forget i even asked and I will go this weekend with out you

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