Why is my boyfriend like this off and on?

My bf and i live together and sometimes he can be a jerk and other times he can be sweet and loving. The last couple days he's been loving. I have had bad experiences with guys in the past. One guy we didn't date but it felt like we were dating n we hung out for 8 months. Then I found out he was hanging out with other girls n would say the same things to them as he did me. Which now is hard because I have trust issues. I know not all guys are the same. My bf and i have had quite a bit of fights because of me not trusting him. He gets mad when I dont. But sometimes he can be a flirt and he seems to get turned on by other girls easily. He said I only think that stuff because I don't trust him. So when he's really nice n loving to me It's in the back of my head that he did something he shouldn't of did. Last night when he got home from work he was being all sweet saying I love you when normally we only say it in the morning n before bed. Then I asked him why he was being weird Cuz usually he isn't like this. But sometimes he will have his spurts where he is like that then goes back to his other way which is sometimes being a smartass or a jerk. He's like because I love you and your cute. For the past few weeks when we r having sex he will ask if i like tjis position or which one I like the best. When he never asked that before. I just don't know why he is seeming all caring n stuff now when we have been dating for 10 months. What would be the reasons he is being like this now? I'm not complaining about him being all lovey because I wish he was like that all the time. But I just don't get why he's only like thay sometimes... is this normal for guys to act this way?


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  • He wants to change.
    Maybe he realized that he's so jerk and he hurts your feeling that's why you don't trust him or he's drunk.

    • He has done this before where he will be nice for awhile then be a jerk again.. that's why I get confused

    • Maybe he had a bad day but he doesn't want to worry you, or that's part of his personality.

  • I am not sure but he will probably ask you a favour , my guess :)

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