I think I'm just the guy that can never just date. What am I doing wrong?

I met this girl before the school semester ended and she asked for my number and got hers because we were suppose to do a study group. Before that I always use to see her in class sitting near the front of class, but once we start to know each other she started to sit next to me in every class meeting. On May 27 I text her when she would be free to play tennis and she replied. Then this past Monday I text her that I'm free this coming Sunday and she replied she will let me know this week because she may already previous plan.

Even though I never had dated my life before and I'm 27 years old soon to be 28 next month I just got a bad feeling about this. I just don't think I can add another girl to my female friend list this would make probably number 15 I think (most of them I wanted to be friends with and some I wanted more than friends). I'm just a guy with bad luck. About to graduate from college this August and never had date in school. I think what is telling is to just quit and maybe I should never try anymore.

I can meet women with no problem but getting a date with one is just like pulling teeth its extremely hard. Maybe its because I got Indian mixed in me. Maybe I should move out of the US and throw away my born citizenship and just go be in India. Any how I think I'ma walk out of the dating pool.


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  • A lot of times I don't realize a guy likes me more than I think he wants to be friends with me. Even if he asks me out to go drink with him, I'll never assume he likes me unless he tells me or openly flirts with me. You just have to start doing that! Give her playful glances and look away, make her want more of you. Be reserved but flirtatious. Be a gentleman. :) I know that is a bit traditional, but it works.


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  • I don't think you're doing anything wrong. And oh boy, can't agree more that women are just complicated. I guess you should try to show a girl that you like her by flirting? Sometimes girls don't realize that you like them, so you should be straight-forward. Most girls expect you to ask them out on a date.. I guess that they don't realize that they can ask a guy out too. If you're going to ask a girl out, ask her out for a drink or someplace like the beach or Idk. I don't get how you can quit if you never actually tried. Sounds to me like as if you just asked her to play tennis so she probably didn't even get the message. You obviously don't enjoy it, and you just don't have any previous experiences to compare, so it all just seems like a waste of time. But trust me, just give it a go, and try harder. And if you don't feel like looking for girls then you can always try online dating site, ha.


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