Need advice on how to be better in the dating's really long but I just need to sharpen up...thx for any advice.?

You bring up any kind of girl, a hottie, a CEO, an intellectual, a feminist, or even a racist girl I can easily have a smooth conversation...
here's my problems:

1. I don't really know how I could get other words how do I approach them in terms of starting a relationship?

2. I'm not the nice guy but the good guy and I completely understand why a girl would reject me, I mean she has preferences just like any other people...but I do have some nice guy qualities that I would love to get rid of, for example when you really like a girl and she uses you because she knows that you like her. So how can I get rid of those qualities.

3. I do have some mental issues or a young kid I was bullied because i looked like an Indian when I am not, and of course no girls ever laid eyes on me because I was told that I am an ugly kid...and I actually believed that. Things changed around quickly when I finally decided to beat up the bully because I couldn't take it anymore. My confidence skyrocketed. However, whenever I see a girl that I like I am always reminded of the past and it scares me out of interacting with one another. How do I get rid of this?

4. I am brown skin with black eyes, 5ft 9, athletic, smart, however I realized that when I interact with people they are shocked by my loud Brooklyn accent voice which I guess gives me an advantage...does it give me an advantage?

5. Another important factor is my old school beliefs towards dating women...when I told everybody that I am waiting for marriage everybody looked and laughed at me...what annoyed me further was the fact that after I told them I wouldn't even kiss a random person, the girl who I liked and was also a virgin made fun of I wasting my time waiting for someone because I feel like everybody is banging each other.

Side note: no I am not interested in those preppy girls who think they are hot...even though I am friends with them


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  • Honestly? The confidence is the sexiest thing about a man. And as you have described yourself, I don't see why any woman (and I repeat woman, not girl) wouldn't at least care to go on a "trial" date with you (and by that, I mean first date. Since the first date is really the trial of whether or not this person is worth your time). And the fact that you're saving yourself makes you even hotter (at least to me anyways) because it shows that you're not going to just "whip it out" for some girl who might just dump you because of some stupid little thing (not saying that it happens often, but that is part of the reason that some relationships end, even after sex). Besides, having sex with someone does change the dynamics of the relationship, which can sometimes make or break it in the end. The only thing that you could ever "waste your time" on is someone who doesn't value you and your beliefs for what they are. Find a girl like that (virgin or non-virgin) and you'll be amazed at what a difference it can make in your life.


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  • the number 1 game changer is Confidence. It's all in your head buddy. you master that you master the game.