Ladies, how do you find closure after being treated like shit by some jerk?

We're talking in a dating context, of course. I thought he was a good person and got totally broadsided. Maybe that's why I haven't let it go because I'm still mystified at how someone could be the opposite of what I'd expected. I still feel like crying sometimes even though it's been several weeks. If you've been shit on intentionally, how do you find closure?


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  • I still hate him to this day, but I won't let that jerk ruin my love life. I'm above that piece of trash. I'm way way better now that I'm not with him.
    If you focus on him, you'll be the one losing. You need to be happy and have fun. Don't let him get in that way of your happiness. You have him off your shoulders now, time to move on.

    • Thanks for your input. Any tactile tips for moving on besides "have fun?"

    • You can tell him off and tell him everything you felt inside until you feel better. Then block him from every source to move on.

    • Another guy I was with and disappointed me, was from Skype
      I only had him on Skype. So I deleted him. It helped me a lot when I was tempted to talk to him. I couldn't anymore. So I put my focus somewhere else.

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  • I'm interested to see some answers if there are any.

    • Why? Just curious.

    • interested in hearing some of the coping/closure experiences some have gone through. it'll also give me an idea of how hard those times can be for a girl.

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  • If he was a jerk usually pretty soon after I dump his ass. Look at the silver lining, you don't have to be mistreated anymore.

  • I never got closure from my ex.
    Only time will heal it. It took me a few months to get over it. It hurts, in the mean time, surround yourself with people who make you happy and hobbies that will keep you busy.
    ...and a lot of Netflix haha