What are your biggest prerequisites for a mate?

Since I already asked what your bonuses are, I might as well ask what your prerequisites are.
Give me 3-5.

-I must find her very attractive physically.
-She must be nice to everyone, unless given a reason not to be.
-Must like some of the same music, tv and movies I do.
-Must find me very attractive; I don't want to get cheated on cause she found someone hotter.
-Must be very sexual and kinky, and generally open minded sexually.


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  • This would be my kind of woman:

    I like confident and independent women who are not full of themselves. They don't necessarily need a man in their lives, but want one because they're not ultra feminists who believe that men are meaningless, unnecessary, or just obsessed with sports. Basically a girl with good perspective on life.

    I don't have any perfect body type that I prefer. As long as she's not very short or very tall, and everything's proportional. Her height and weight create a normal BMI score and her breasts fit her body. Having a beautiful face is most important. That being smooth skin, deep eyes, great smile, good teeth, beautiful hair, etc.

    I usually am more attracted to white girls. Someone who has good financial sense and knows how to keep what they earn. I don't care what their profession is. If you're mature and carry yourself with confidence and poise, I don't care your education level. Don't care what your sexual history is. Could have been with 100+ men or a virgin, as long as you're loyal to me. Hopefully someone within my age range. 21 +/- 4 years.


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  • Purely hypothetical:

    1. He must be intelligent, same level of education or higher
    2. We need to be physically attracted to each other

  • I don't know if I'd call them prerequisites but when meeting a guy a few things have to be there: Great looks, like great smile and hair, good style has to be dressed well, athletic (bonus points for baseball players and snowboarders), helps if he has a good smile and can hold conversation well. Also has to be very into me and very confident

    • You said good smile twice.
      How confident is too confident then?

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    • haha just don't get too cocky

    • I know I'm not bullet proof so I'm good

  • Hmm haven't thought about specific prerequisites :) but..it would be nice if he

    enjoy learning new things, regardless of his educational background :)
    is nice to his family and friends
    likes the way I am, (the way I talk, or behave..etc)
    enjoys watching me dancing or working out with me.
    makes me feel like a tall and sexy girl :P

  • -he has to like football.
    -physical attraction
    -nice to his parents.
    -nice in general
    -confident but not cocky
    -doesnt skip leg day
    -understands my sense of humour and possibly has the same kind.

    • Haha doesn't skip leg day, I like that.

    • hahaha nothing worse then a guy who's big on top with chicken legs!

    • Dude I don't get why they always look like that in animated movies.
      Like, somehow Hulk is more realistic than that shit...

  • Be polite/have manners/respectful
    Be loyal
    Somewhat intelligent
    Confident but not stuck-up


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  • She needs to have a super sexy mating dance.

  • -must be born a biological female
    - have some interest in physical fitness
    - intelligent
    - not too serious
    - oh and good looking

  • I must be attracted to her
    Must be playful (couldn't handle a girl who's too serious all the time)
    Into the same kind of music and TV shows as me
    Smarter than me
    Not stuck-up/shallow

    • Why smarter than you?

    • I'd come in handy, plus women can want men smarter than them, so why can't guys want woman smarter than them.

    • I'm not saying you can't, I'm just wondering why you do.

  • -height
    -body & beauty
    -intelligence tempered by wisdom
    -true, selfish love as I would have for her

    (I included selfish because I see romantic love as selfish and pure)

  • 1. She must be jooooooooooooooooooooooocy.
    2. there is no 2

  • 1. Unshallow
    2. Unshallow
    3. Physically attractive to me.

    That's about it.

    • Wait so you're saying you want a hot girl that doesn't care if you're hot or not?

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    • If you guys wouldn't mind taking this conversation to the messages, that'd be very not annoying.

    • ...sorry dude. Alright.

  • Beautiful, sexy, best friend person ever