How do you know if a guys not as interested anymore?

Been seeing a guy for a while now, but I get the feeling he's less interested as he was to begin with. Maybe its just me getting worried but how do you know if they're still wanting to pursue a relationship with you. He has told me he wants more in the past and refers to us a "we" a lot, say things which would give the impression he cares for me but I just always have that doubt in the back of my mind, especially when I'm not with him, which can be weeks at a time because we both have work commitments.What do you think?


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  • I always say when a guy is really interested you know it. He makes time for you and even if he has work commitments he'll be with you. I had a similiar issue like this. He could be playing games, but then again all guys are different. Give it more time and give him the same amount of attention he's giving you. Hope this helps!