Taking the next step with the girl I'm dating?

So I've been casually seeing this girl for a couple of months. The most we've done is the goodnight kiss, and the last time, she kissed me on the neck after the goodnight kiss. I figure that was a good sign that she might be interested in something more.

So far we've been on different types of dates but none have been in a place where I could make a real move. She had to move back in with her parents, and I live on the other side of town.

So how could I make a move to take the next step? Flat-out ask her over to my place where we could have some privacy? Bring up fooling around on our next date and see how she responds? I don't want to insult her by asking for a "just fooling around date" but I definitely want to get more than a goodnight kiss next time.

What do you think?


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  • How about you actually ask her on a date to your house?
    You two can just spend some time together. :]
    Do whatever you two like doing. Play some games, watch a movie. I highly suggest making food together. That's always cute. :x
    I feel like you two will be able to be more free and whatever happens happens, you know?

    I definitely would not suggest asking her to "just fool around."
    You've been on several dates, I assume, since you're been seeing each other for months, so you must clearly have feelings for her and so I don't see why another date would hurt.

    Just because you'd be asking her to go to her house, doesn't mean you want to just "fool around."
    If you do decide to have a date at your house, just don't start ripping off her clothes or anything. <.< Let her get comfortable, then do whatever you two feel like doing. :P
    Best of luck!


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