GIRLS: What does it mean when you "reject" a guy (kind of), and then text him the next day... are you "making up" for it?

Basically was 95% this girl liked me, but she comes from a culture with NO DATING or hanging out with guys alone, it's a big no-no... I asked her to hang the day after she got in a huge fight with her mom for being out past 10PM (we are 23), and she said she was going to lay low for a while to get on her mom's good side... I was worried it was a rejection, but my friends said it really is just a culture thing: HOWEVER, she texted me the very next day to compliment me on something, and all of her texts were filled with smile faces :) much more than usual... my instinct said that she was trying to convey "I wasn't rejecting you" - what do you think?


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  • I think she likes you. everything seems legit you should gang in there and fine out more about the situation. if I didn't like a guy, I wouldn't "make up for it" the next day


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  • she was'nt rejecting you dude


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