I don't understand what she is saying! Is she interested in me?

I'm really confused. So me and this girl have been talking a bit, but I am getting very mixed signals with her. One time, I was with my mate for the day and he was going around hers (family friends, and he has a gf), she asked if I would like to go along. Unfortunately, I said no, and I deeply regret doing so. Shortly after this we fell out and didn't speak for a bit. Then after a while we started speaking, but the problem is that I always initiate conversation! Last week she went on holiday and we spoke so much for the first few days she was there, I loved it and felt we were getting close. Then the next time I speak to her, she blanks me out, short replies and doesn't speak to me much (this was after her holiday). In this conversation, I asked her if we could meet up, saying that my parents couldn't pick me up from work (I work by her) so I'd be on my own. She replied saying she was working on the same day and she didn't really give me a straight up answer. I left it and took it as a no. I asked her what was up and she suddenly burst into life, it was strange. Her short messages turned into large paragraphs. We did a couple of exchanges and then it slowed down and I went to bed and it finished. In this conversation she called me 'bae' and sent ';)' faces. I thought she was very flirty. She told me her friend was around so she couldn't speak much, so I took it as she was just trying to be friendly with me. She NEVER initiates conversation, and I feel like I'm being needy when I send her too many messages. What should I do? How should I approach the situation?


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  • She's probabaly just shy


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