Girl I am dating would come to my place only if its my place, as I currently living with my parents?

long story short I lived in a different part of the country, and came back to my hometown and looking for a job now. I dont want to buy a flat here, as the town is sleepy and I would consider spending my whole life here. Could this girl be a good one, or just after for a guy with car, house, good job kind of thing. As there is a saying, when a guy is in a bad condition a real woman would stay with him, and when a man is rich, a good guy would stay with his woman. What is your opinion?


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  • I don't blame her for her hesitation.
    I am divorced and my ex husband had lived at home up until we married which was 25.
    I wish I'd been able to see for myself that he could live without "mummy and daddy" because it would have stopped me from marrying him. He couldn't ever separate from them, as in, he never totally moved out.
    Of course, financially it's best for you to live at home. But right off the bat there's NO way for the girl to see you're financially independent, have a good work ethic to back that, and generally know how to live on your own.
    Sadly this will turn girls off. I won't ever date a guy still living at home until I really got to know him and could see for myself how he functions as an independent adult. I really would have to see it for real, I can't just assume again.
    That's not to say NO girl out there would date you, but you must understand the caution at your age.
    Being on your own shows how you are as an individual in the world and this can't be imagined or assumed.

    • AND, that isn't to say you have no right to be cautious yourself about her intentions, but keep this in mind.
      In the end, do what's best for you. Gals will come and go. But just realize it's going to be harder.

    • Thank you for your opinion, I think it make sense. I let her know that I lived overseas for 3 years after college, and lived in different places, and now i am in my hometown. Anyway I do understand that being on your own, separate from parents, and showing independence is important, and that you can take care of yourself.

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  • She probably just doesn't feel comfortable meeting your parents right now/sleeping in their house/having sex in their house/accidentally running into them at the house.
    It just depends what stage of the relationship you are at I think.

  • i understand what your saying about having a woman who is by your side when things are tough. BUT your in the 25-29 age bracket, and im going to assume she is too. So the days of sleeping in her man's parent's house is longgg gone for her. You have to meet parents- maybe she isn't ready for that yet. You have to sneak and have sex- who wants to hold in their moans? AND on top of that have to see your parents the next morning knowing what she was doing in their home. It's embarrassing and she might even think of it as disrespectful.

    Meet her half way on this. maybe chill at your house during the day and get a hotel during the evening. if she has her own place, then stay over there.

    I used to be with someone who lived with his grandparents, who happened to be old fashioned. I couldn't spend the night so we would chill during the day and when his grandparents would go upstairs we would have sex in the living room. I was young. and when we broke up i said to myself i will never be in that situation again. If a man wants to be with me we will not be having intercourse under those situations. I will be sexed in a BED, not a car or a couch. I will not have to smother my moans for fear that someone might hear me


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  • I still live with my Mother, but that's because I'm balancing work with studying, as soon as I finish my studies and get a better job, I'm moving out asap! If a girl wants to hold the fact I'm trying to improve my job prospects and quality of life against me, that's her business and in no way reflects negatively on me.

    If a woman cannot accept me when I'm setting off on an upward trek to the stop of the Mountain, there's no way she'll be joining me when I reach the summit.

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