If you love me why would you leave me?

My bf and I have been off and on for 9mths everything was great first.couple of mths he wld bring me flowers just because etc, and spent so much time together..recently he started asking to be physical..I told him I wld like to wait for marriage (which he knew how I felt about it since day 1) when he made me feel like I didn't care for him as much I decided to give that to him even if it meant going against my religious beliefs. I felt happy afterwards to see I was able to show him how much I loved him but days later he wanted it again..I told him I was bit unsure about it all (due to risking getting preggo without being married) but he said he wld use protection however 2 days later he eventually got distant and told me he's realized we just have different beliefs..he said "he still has love for me enough to not want to stress each other out and wld like to still have me as a friend and maybe one day we can be together when I work past my issues" Guys what's going on in his mind? Why would he say all that and still want to be friends? The sad part is I work with him and I see him and he tries to talk to me like if all is well..I feel he may have somebody else even if he says he doesn't. I feel like he did love me but im confused because if you really loved somebody you wouldn't leave them especially for that. Im really heartbroken right now because knowing myself it took a lot to give my gift to him and he left me because he wanted it again days later and I was still trying to grasp how he really feels about me


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  • i think he explained very clearly why he wanted to end things.

    basically he said he was willing to wait, but in reality he wasn't. you had sex with him but then decided you didn't want to have sex again due to your beliefs. This isn't really ok, as you've essentially broken your rule but now you are re-establishing it. it is ok to want to remain a virgin til you are married but you should stick to your conviction rather than only doling out sex when you see fit to try and show him that you love him.

    I think he loves you but you guys do have very different views on sexuality in relationships. he probably should have been honest with himself from the get go and know that he wasn't able to be in a sexless relationship.

    don't doubt how he feels about you, just know that sex is something he needs in a relationship


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