What reasons would a guy want to take things slow in putting a title on a dating relationship?


- I've been seeing him for 4 months.

- I got out of a 4 year relationship back in August.

- A few weeks ago we had a talk and decided we are exclusively dating each other only and not talking to anyone else.

- He says he could see himself in a relationship with me long term.

- He also told me that he is not considering any other options.

- Told me he wants to make sure I like him for him.

- He has been single for 4 years therefore he said all of this is taking a bit of adjusting.

*We act like a couple with everything we do including having sex, being seen together in public, going on actual dates etc. So why would a guy be nervous about calling me his girlfriend? Is this a scary thing to a guy? I'm so confused. I feel like he is my boyfriend already and wouldn't expect anything to change once we have a title.


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  • does he love you or he wants only sex?


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