Should I call him or let him come to me?

I've been seeing a guy for a few months. I last weekend he flipped on me for something stupid that I didn't even do. I waited a few days before I called him to talk about it and he apologized and admitted he overreacted. I think he swallowed his pride and apologized to me. Which I appreciated. He suggested that when my ex husband takes me kids that I pack a bag and come and spend a few days with him. Then he went on about how he wanted to take a little vacation for his bday like he wanted me to go with him. He knows how I feel about him but I'm still not sure how he feels and when I bring it up he just says that we are progressing and spending more time together and to let's just see what happens. He hasn't called me since then and that was a couple days ago. I had no problem texting him or calling everyday before. But things are weird for me now. It's not the same. He said really nasty things to me and even tho he apologized it makes me question everything. I don't know if I should call him and see if he wants to hang out or go out. Or if I should let him come to me. We haven't spent any time together since he flipped on me. Things were great before he went all crazy on me. What would you do?


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  • Either way you guys need to spend more time together. You've said it yourself, you haven't spent much time together since he's flipped on you. So get together, get some of that quality time to establish whether after the 'flip out' you guys can work things out and move past it.

    There are no games played in a proper relationship, you have to be honest and say things when you feel them, you want more time with him, go and ask him over or whatever, he can only like the approach. Any man would like a girl to say hey I want to spend more time with you and get things back on track etc. Do not hesitate, no should I or shouldn't, just go out there and do it. At least then you have something to work with (i.e. your new time spent together) rather than just going on guesswork and not trying to work through it.

    If it works out and you find you can have a connection after the bust up, then good, because you made the effort and that says something about how much you actually want this to work.

    If it doesn't then at least you established it wouldn't work out after all sooner, rather than waiting god knows how long for the relationship to sort itself out, just to have it come to the same conclusion anyway. Spend time with him, work out if something is still there or not.


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