Are Asian women attracted to Eurasian/Hapa men?

I am 18 years of age, and currently living in London. I guess I could be seen as being rather mixed, hailing from several different backgrounds- Chinese, Italian, Indian, Jewish, and Japanese. Hence, I am entitled to term myself a "hapa", even though I personally find that term to be a tad demeaning, but that's an entirely different story.

Appearance wise I do resemble a balance between my ethnic components. I am 6"2", of average build, with very pale skin, quite a square jaw, wavy brown hair, a medium epicanthic fold, rather large lips. and a sharpish nose.

A lot of people I encounter, on a daily basis, often express curiosity as to what ethnicity I am. I'm the recipient of many a guess, ranging from Turkish to English. However, a lot of East Asians seem to display the feeling that I am part Asian.

For some particular reason, I seem to gravitate more towards East Asian women, even though I still find other ethnicities attractive. I can't really seem to fathom why this is the case- I was raised in a predominantly white neighbourhood, and there aren't very many Asian girls at my school, anyway.

I'm scared that if I approach an Asian girl, who I find attractive, she will automatically reject me.

However, several Korean and Chinese women have remarked to my parents about how "cute" I am, and how I embody the Eurasian stereotype. It seems to have increased as I've aged. But these people are overwhelmingly foreign-born, which could entail a culture clash, I suppose.

I know some male Eurasians and they prefer non-Asian women, often dismissing them outright. I often assume it may be due to the fact that westernised Asian women aren't into them. So I'm curious as to whether this is true.


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  • It all depends on someones personal preference. Not all girls like Asian guys.

  • i find eurasian guys good looking


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  • who are hapa, are they like tribe from africa?

  • I'm half English, half Japanese, and I never have any problems. Asian women find me cute.

    "ranging from Turkish to English". I've had the same experience!

    That's one hell of a mix you have there. That's great!

    • Thanks :) The guesses I receive are often so outlandish that they're hilarious.
      I guess I need to attain confidence.