Has he found someone else?

So this guy (31) and I (23) are more than friends, but not lovers. He whatsapps, calls me everyday for the past 2 months, we have been talking for over 3 months. For the last month we have seen each other quite frequently, but yesterday he whatsapped me in the morning and we chatted a little bit, and he was still online, so I told him "get off the phone and get to work!" (because he always gets annoyed when I'm on my phone) and I didn't get a reply, this was at 10:30 am, so I started to feel very anxious so I whatsapped him at 5:30 how was his day going, and I get a reply at 6:30 a photo of his nephews, so I didn't answer, and then at 8:15 he wrote that he was with his nephews, so we chatted a little bit, and I still felt weird, so I asked him if he was or has been with "an old friend" and he asked why? sO i told him that that phrase made me laugh, and he was like "tell me what's funny about it?" and I was like "relax, it's just funny" and he said "I'm not going to relax, tell me". So he didn't say if he was or not with another girl. But I so feel it because, he didn't say anything in the whole day and I saw him online at least 4 times, and I haven't heard from him today.

Am I overreacting or am I right that he has found someone else?


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  • He could easily be making you think it purely to drive you crazy so that you like him even more, phone and chat to him

  • i think you are getting clingy and reading into things too much


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