Should I just ask him if he was actually asking me out? been confused since sunday?

I asked a few days ago about this guy.I am interested, but fear I might have blown it.

One guy in particular at was and is nosy and curious about my romantic life.One day durning break he asked "Do you have a boyfriend?" I responded with a No.He asked if I ever had one, I said yes, he then proceeded with what did you like about him? Do you miss him? Do you plan on moving back to be near him.I responded with "His personality, the fact that he liked me for me and not my looks." I said "A little, but he obviously wasn't the right guy" I said, no I will be staying here.That was that.I thought it was odd he was asking these, but just assumed he was a really nosy co-worker lol.

4 months later, my brother in-law was in a bad accident.I was waiting to punch in and so was my co-worker.He asked if I was okay, I said No, but I will be.He asked what happened, I told him, He pulled me in and hugged me, kissed my hand and said he was there for me.That was even stranger than the question, but again passed it off as a friendly co-worker.

Then one time I was in shopping with my mother, and He was the bagger, he came behind me and put his hands on my shoulder, then walked away, I brushed it off as him just trying to get by.At this point I was kind of interested lol, and thought I was reading into it too much. Its been 7 months now, and this past Sunday we had break on sunday, he asked me how old was too old of a guy for me, he then said one of co-workers said we should go out.

I was taking off guard, I wasn't sure how to respond because he didn't actually say "Will you go out with me.My response was "Mark's teasing you"

My questions are: 1.If he was indeed asking me out, why didn't he just come out and ask.Instead of saying a co-worker said. 2.Do you think I blew it with my response? I was trying to get back to work and was off guard and confused.I'm still puzzled lol.


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  • He was probably testing the waters to see what you're reaction would be. Asking a non-committal question so that he doesn't get rejected.

    I've had girls do the same - I had one girl say to me: "I could really go for a drink right now". I played it off as just that but in my mind I was wondering if she wanted me to ask her if she wanted to go get a drink with me. I still don't have a solid answer to that question but I think she was testing the waters as well, and like you, I dropped the ball.

    Subtle hints eh. They suck.

    • I wouldn't reject him if he just came out and asked.I don't like beating around the busch.I'm not psychic.I truly thought he was just teasing. Wouldn't mind going out with him.But he really took me off guard and hinted at a bad time.My break was over and I couldn't dilly dally.I really hope he tries again.I should have responded with "People might think your trying to ask me out." Wonder what his response would have been lol.

    • Plus I'm a little bit worried about my co-workers talking about me, if what he said was true, then my co-workers are gossiping about me.Kind of hurts actually.

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  • He's shy and is being passive aggressive. He wanted to ask you out 7 months ago.

    • Well, this ain't good, two shy people haha.I'm too shy to say anything, he's too shy to do anything.Aren't we a pair lol.

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  • Tbh, he sounds kind of creepy to me. I feel red flags going up with these instances you describe.

    • He's not creepy at all.He's actually very sweet.Its just I'm 26 and he's 4 years older than I.He hasn't made me feel unsafe at all.

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