I feel lost and confused!! I don't want it to end.?

So this guy I'm sorta seeing we knew each other for like almost 2 years. He was scared by asking me out so after I broke up with my ex 4-5 months ago. It took time and he asked me out on a few dates. Lately we haven't communicated like we used to texting and our last date was last Sunday but now I guess I'm growing feelings for him but our date ended up with a hug instead of a kiss ect. Why do guys take so long to admit how they feel when there starting to date or stuff. I really don't want to lose him he's a great guy.


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  • Well it seems like he'll be losing you instead, he's the one hiding his feelings if he truly b has any!

    • He's just so hard to read I wish I can understand more! Because after this I feel like just giving up.

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    • Ur expecting something from him ur not willing to give either, u gotta bring something to the table too. Try getting closer

    • I'm seeing him tomorrow for weekend thing I do that's how we met. So I really just hope it works out. thanks riskygal