I think these two girls in my class are interested in me, any thoughts?


So there are two girls in one class I'm taking over the summer. I chose a seat in the middle of class a row back from everyone else and one of them I've never seen or talked to ever- she's from another university- grabbed her things and moved to sit right behind me shortly after I sat down. There were open seats all around and she chose to sit right behind me. I turned around and asked her a general question about the homework and her eyes were dilated as I talked to her , lot of smiling and eye contact. We had a great conversation, and after lecture she fixed her hair as I took my time to leave class and walked right behind me out of class.

Another girl I know that I'm sort of friends with was stealing glances at me during lecture and when I would catch her quickly turn back. I caught her staring out of the corner of my eye at me a few times too.

Is it possible these two girls might be interested in me?


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  • Yes. Even if they don't have serious or strong feelings for you, they both seem to be open to the option of dating you, if not highly interested.
    A lot of people would pass their behavior off as just being friendly, but women (especially ones taking courses) have too much on their mind to be that generous with their friendliness unless they really like you. In that context "really like" could mean head over heels or you're their favorite friend.
    The first girl would probably appreciate you asking for her number (only if you're interested, too!). The second girl would probably appreciate you spending more time or asking to hang out with her. Again, only if that's what you feel like.
    Was the second girl smiling while she looked at you?

  • Yep! The one you're friends with already was probably a bit jealous at the new girl, and the new girl is definitely interested. So, choose one and hand out that number!


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