Why do females always wanted to be treated like a princess; But act like such a hoe?

For the most part females always want a guy to treat them like a princess; But when it comes down to it they treat their man like garbage or are doing ho (ish) activities and do not deserve to be treated like such; Act how you want to be treated is all I am saying?

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Also I want ladies to be as neutral as possible; Even if you are one of the females that does this stuff HOW would you feel if someone did it to your father, brother, uncle? Comments from females are welcome as well, just like as with the Men.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I am a grown woman.. these girls you call "princesses", are probably just that GIRLS. You should probably try dating older girls that don't expect to be treated like Disney characters in that case I would say you get what you deserve. As a woman I expect to be treated with but not limited to respect, honesty and loyalty and trust that I will treat you or whoever comes my way the same. In regards to your update, everyone knows what they deserve and that includes my family and they are old enough to know a girl from a women. Even though I wouldn't support it I'd let them deal with what they have because at the end of the day I'm not living or dating the girl.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I do not believe I am one of these women. I am anything but a "hoe", and treat every single person I meet with utmost dignity and respect.
    However I'd just like you to clarify what you mean exactly by "doing ho-ish activities"? Then I can possibly better answer your question

  • You treat me how I treat you, don't treat me how you should of treated the last girl that caused you to be how you are now. And also most men should be honest with where they wanna take a relationship I think, lots of men act like they don't give a shit if a girl messes with another guy especially if they are not in a relationship, so now she's a hoe cause she's not standing around waiting for you guys to come around. Or what if she tell you straight up hey I'm not looking for anything and we're casual is she a hoe then. Be specific cause this can go both ways, why do men feel so entitled. And so quickly to judge,?


What Guys Said 2

  • I can usually get a in-depth read on someone after talking to them for a minute or two. I judge based on that rather than rumors of someone being loose on the party ground (or other such history).

    If you're in a relationship with someone, they deserve your respect independent of how they acted before you got together.

  • There are plenty of bad people of both genders.

    • I agree with your statement; But this is directed to females that expect treatment of a certain way but do no conduct themselves with their actions in that way...

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