How do men feel if a woman that's not short still wears high heels sometimes?

Well I do have a 4-5 inch high heel but also 2-3 inch ones. Just a couple of them, not much. I'm 5'7 but at times still wear them.

Not sure if I should still wear them if I were to be going out on a date and want to look my best. On my last b-day or so, when I was wearing the 4-5 heel...I was already about an inch taller than my father and he felt a bit awkward/embarrassed when a couple of my relatives commented on the picture. He changed the topic fast.

I mean, if it makes the guy feels better I can take them off but I do like wearing them too. I don't mind if he were average height or shorter but want him to feel comfortable.


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  • He's just being insecure. Most guys could not care less about that


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  • Girls Im after are tall and wear heels. Im 6"1 so im good cause Im still taller.

    Depends on the girl. One girl i liked was tall but she looked better without heels.

    The girl i am pursuing now wears these 6 inch heels but she is as tall as me wearing them, but Dang, her legs look so damn good in them than flats.

    Its not much of an issue tbh.


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