If your bf dumped you why does he still want to be friends?

My bf decided to end the relationship because we have different beliefs when it comes to certain aspects of our life. I told him I was so angry for ending it just like that I told him fine I will be completely out of your life he told me "I dnt want you completely out of my life I still love you and care for you and will always be your friend even if you dnt want to be" he even tried to give me a hug... guys what's going on in a guys mind when they dump you and still try to be your friend?


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  • I am quite sure you have heard the old expression: "Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em," and this is the case with you and your Ex. There are many many cases of where couples split up, married or not, and just end up being good friends as to Not lose one another Completely from their lives. They Actually get along better being friends than when they were in their Other Relationship.
    He Obviously Sees there is a huge problem in having a relationship because of both your 'different beliefs,' so rather than Lose you altogether, he still wants You in his life because he Does Really 'Still love and care for you,' and is hoping that at least you and he can be friends.
    It's your choice in what you want to do, how to handle it, but I always say the Best relationships always start out Better when you Begin your Beguine with Friendship. And being you aren't this couple now, maybe being best buds you can learn to nurture and nurse This New relationship, figure out what went wrong and who knows...Just because two people split up, doesn't mean it's Good-bye and Good riddance. It could sometimes mean Old Mother Nature has Other plans to sow and to reap.
    Good luck.xx

    • Thank you so much..I just dnt understand what he means by he loves me like what a friend only now? I really am heartbroken because I love him so much and I feel there us no reason for us to be like this...I stood by him when I knew we were different and wish I wldve got the favor returned

    • He May love you on 'Both ends' for this is why he says this, but being you are split up, he is saying as well, he loves you for a friend. Although you love him More than this, and you can also love someone too much and feel they are not trying to do their part as much as you. However, by doing the friend thing, Could change a lot, and right now, he wants to learn to know what it is to have a friend, that with Him anyway, could grow more. He probably never knew what it meant to be even friends and lovers when you were both together. That is a problem in many relationships.

    • He May love uuu 'More' than a friend, but is Playing it safe, keeping you at a short 'arm's length,' and seeing if things could change maybe in the future for the better again. For now, you're in there again, things are going better than you most likely even suspected they ever could, so give this some time... with no pressure, it may even go your way faster than you think. xx

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  • I thought only girls did that.

  • lol, cause guys think they can be "just friends" with girls, of course thats not true


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