I really like this girl and Dont know how to bring it up?

Hey, I am wondering if you guys have any tips on how I could bring up to this girl I like, that I like her at the moment we talk everyday and she has shown signs that she likes me I just dont want to ruin our friendship. I have never had a Girlfriend before and also she is 16 turning 17 and I am 19 turning 20, How could I make this possible or do you think this is too early?


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  • Friendships don't last either. Go for it.

    "So, like, are you single?
    - yes
    "That's hot. We should totally date."
    make out.

    • See she is a girl who is closely knitted to her family and she has been home schooled all her life, and I am close friends with her older brother do you think this can be a problem

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    • yea I guess she will because she still has feelings and will know if she likes me haha

    • Doooooooo it :)

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  • ask her out

    • haha yea I am working on it, I just fear rejection and trying to analyze her behavior around me

  • just go ahead and tell her girls like confident guys


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  • You're going to have to ask her out buddy, but be prepared to potentially ruin your friendship.

    • thats what i really dont want to do the friendship is what I am worried about thats why i want to do it in a subtle way

    • There's no subtle way to do this laddy, you have to roll the dice and take the chance. If you really aren't prepared to risk your friendship for something deeper, then remain silent.

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