Girls rate me honest opinion I would like to know what you think:)?

I would like to know what you think if I'm hot and what you like haha


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  • Great body! Its perfect and the tattoos make you hotter too lol


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  • Not to take anything away from the OP but there are tons of shallow women on this site. I wonder how many would find the OP attractive if he was overweight? I'd say none.

    • That's not shallow, there anon. People have different tastes. I'm sure you don't find many overweight women attractive? I'd say none.

    • Really? Yeah I have found overweight girls attractive guys aren't shallow like you women. To you women its all about looks and income, personality means crap to you guys. Its a proven fact. We both know if the OP was overweight you wouldn't find him attractive and if he walked by you, you'd give him a dirty look.