Gf of 2 years won't talk to me anymore?

so me and my gf have been dating for over 2 years now and i love her to death. i recently came back from out of the country and now things have gone down hill. we haven't truly had a meaningful conv. in a long time, and everytime i try and talk to her she is doing something like at a party and it makes me supper jealous. I've talked to her about it already but i feel like she doest try and talk to me anymore. i feel like im the only one dumb enough to think that this relationship is still a fairytale, i just dont know what to do anymore...


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  • I know the feeling.

    Maybe because of the separation she feels as if there is distance between you now. That is why she is doing her own thing. Remember that for a relationship to be successful each partner must have their own life. You have many options here and only you can decide what to do. You have already spoken to her and that means she knows how you feel and is not acknowledging it.

    Try to give her space, do your own thing for a bit. Showing her that you are your own person might just make her see that she does need you. If she doesn't come back to you and you find yourself drifting apart then you should try to re-evaluate to see if you are still right for each other. A lot of change can happen over two years and you might just be different people now.

    Alternatively you could look at it as a rough patch and just power through. That takes a strong heart and a lot of willpower, but if you love her enough then its a viable option.


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